Work Interruption

Hi folks. You might have noticed there was no new comic on Monday. Been in Northern Ontario for a couple weeks working 12 hours a day, got another ten days to go. Been trying to keep up with the coloring in the evening, but I’m failing. We’re going to take a hiatus until September 4th. See you then!

Delay! ARG!

Too busy for comics! Page 22 is in the works, but is already a day late, and won’t be finished all that soon. We’re going to wait until Monday, August 8th to post it. Give ourselves some time to catch up. Sorry for the delay.

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It’s Alive!

Six months ago, I was talking with some friends about my desire to keep being creative, and one of them directed me to an interview with Community and Rick and Morty creator, Dan Harmon. In it, Harmon states you can never make something good, because talent will always lag behind taste, and instead one should “make something that sucks.” I found that inspiring. It was the kick in the butt I needed. I decided to make something. It went through some transformations, but I stuck with it, and now, thanks to the very talented artist I’m working with, it’s beginning to exist. Feels good.