Hi friends-

I have been neglecting Coldbridge and Imp in favor of working on a bunch of smaller projects. Also, I thought I had another artist lined up for Chapter 3, but things didn’t work out. The distance gave perspective, and I’m keeping this story on hiatus in favor of pursuing other things.

I still love these characters and this world, but I feel like they are best served by me ignoring them and working on smaller projects that I can complete and show I can execute a complete story effectively.

Hopefully one day I’ll have a larger audience willing to come with me into a Victorian fantasy about a necromancer and his dog, and we can pick things up again then.

Thanks for reading. More cool stuff is coming in 2019…

…In fact, here’s a little preview drawn by the very talented Josh Thompson, colored by the very talented Gabriel Roldan, and lettered and written by the supposedly talented Leland Bjerg:

bm1 - preview

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